Titanus mosura is an ancient superspecies of the Lepidoptera order. A surviving member of this species, dubbed "Mothra" by Monarch, was discovered near the Temple of the Moth in the Yunnan Rainforest of China.

Biology and appearance

Titanus mosura appears to be a species of giant butterfly or moth. The creature has a massive wingspan, spanning 183 feet. It also has a form of "beta-wave bioluminescence," which has been described as being able to illuminate the sky. It can also weaponize this light in "god rays." Like other members of its order, Titanus mosura undergoes metamorphasis, beginning in a larval state before cocooning itself in a pupal state, and then finally emerging as a full adult. [1]


Titanus mosura is an ancient alpha species that existed alongside humanity and was worshiped in both China and Peru. However, in modern times, only one living specimen is known to remain.[1]

Behind the scenes

The name Mosura (モスラ) is the Japanese spelling of the name "Mothra."


Notes and references

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